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Boston Tree Services for Your Home or Business

From pruning and tree care to maintaining a beautiful yard, Pathfinder Tree Service, LLC, can help you with all your tree and landscaping needs.

Regular Tree Maintenance

While trees don’t need as much care as a lawn or flower garden, in order to maintain optimal health and beauty, they do need routine care. Pathfinder Tree Service, LLC, can provide the following regular service for your trees:

  • Fruit tree pruning in the spring
  • Fertilizing and pollinating for a greater quantity and higher quality of fruit
  • Spraying to control insects to ensure valuable fruit
  • Ornamental and shade tree pruning as desired
  • Pruning branches away from roof, eaves, house, and overhead wires
  • Tree removal, both large and small
  • Stump grinding and removal

Tree Cabling for Safety and Tree Protection

Do you have a beautiful old tree on your property that has been around for decades? Many such trees may be in danger of splitting, falling, or breaking as the weight on the limbs increases. All it takes is one heavy snowstorm before its branches are dropped or one good ice storm to bring these old limbs crashing onto your car, house, or property. You can reduce the risk of losing a tree limb by having a professional arborist cable your tree. There are two basic cabling systems:

  • Dynamic Systems—With this, trees continue to move with light wind and resist movement in high winds. No drilling is needed (drilling damages trees).
  • Static Systems—This is used for cracked trees in danger. Steel cables are used to support weak areas.

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